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Dr. Daisy

Dr Daisy grew up on a beef farm in a small rural town outside of Bathurst. The abundance of cattle, sheep, dogs, ponies, birds and ferrets helped kindle a deep love for animals. This naturally led her to follow a career in veterinary medicine – a passion also helped along by her father’s collection of James Herriot books and her grandmother’s tales of her own years as a vet student.
Daisy spent time in Europe and the United Kingdom, where she became a licensed Falconer, which led her to another great love – birds – be they large or small!
She obtained her Veterinary degree from Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga – which is probably why she is never found without her cowboy boots and big belts! During her time at university, she rescued a pair of chickens – Eggwina and Mable – who terrorised the neighbourhood and learnt all sorts of tricks when tempted with a krusket.
Outside of work, Daisy can be found out and about with friends and her rescue dog Clove, or with her nose in a book with her pet sparrow Tiny Bird on her shoulder.

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