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Vaccines for Life

Unique to Sugarloaf, Vaccines for Life is a wonderful programme that ensures vaccination and regular health assessments for your pet, as well as saving you money!

It is so simple! There are just three easy steps:

  • Subscribe to the programme for a one-off subscription fee of $150
  • Attend an annual health assessment for your pet (you should be doing this already!)
  • Get all the vaccinations your pet requires at NO additional cost!

Once on the Vaccines for Life program, your pet receives standard vaccines for the rest of its life, free of charge, as long as that pet continues to have its prescribed health examinations at SAH, which are usually annual (and will incur a consult fee.)


No. The Vaccines for Life programme is exclusive to Sugarloaf Animal Hospital.

No. The Vaccines for Life programme is individual to each pet.
YES! The programme belongs to the pet. If you give away your pet, the new owners will be entitled to continue with the same policy.
No. The policy is for one pet only.
Sadly, No. We do not give refunds after purchase for any reason.
You will be notified in good time that your pet is due its annual examination. If you cannot make an appointment by the due date, Sugarloaf will grant you a 30-day grace period. After that, the subscription will lapse.
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