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About Sugarloaf

Sugarloaf is a family owned Veterinary hospital in the Newcastle/Hunter region that caters to all small animals, with a particular passion for exotic and Avian species.
It is our mission to support and nurture the special bond between people and their pets. We make this happen by doing everything within our power to ensure the lives of animals are as long and full, and healthy and happy as possible. We treat each and every pet as if it were our own and treat their owners with the same compassion we would expect if we were the client.
Sugarloaf Animal Hospital has been providing the highest standards of veterinary medicine for the pets of the Newcastle/Hunter Valley region for more than 25 years.

We offer longer consults than most so that we can spend sufficient time to provide you with a full diagnosis for your pet, while also providing you with detailed information as to the necessary course of action and the reason for it. We strive to ensure the experience for both client and pet is as smooth as possible, with our low stress handling techniques, to provide a gold standard of care for every animal at all times. All of our vets and nurses are pet lovers and pet owners, and we treat your animal as if it were our own.

As a small-animal practice, in addition to our love for cats and dogs, we have an equal passion for the more unusual or exotic pets, especially Avian. Hence, our team have become leaders and mentors within the veterinary community with regard to caring for Australia’s more exotic creatures. We also have helped hundreds of different wildlife over the years pro-bono.

This vast cache of experience is backed up by Sugarloaf’s investment in the specific medical hardware required for treatment and care of exotic pets, even including a small-animal specific ventilator and specific surgical equipment that can be used on the smallest of our patients, that sometimes only weigh 45 grams – the same as a chocolate bar!
We offer the complete range of veterinary medical services: Thorough diagnosis and treatment through to the most complicated surgery, if required; dental care; advice on diet and nutrition; physio programmes for both preventative and rehab needs; vaccinations and wellness exams; plus training and behavioural sessions. Our holistic approach also includes advice on husbandry and the general well-being of your pet to ensure it has a long, healthy and happy life with you.

Meet Our Team   Members 

Dr. Kathy


Dr. Beatrice


Dr. Maddy


Dr. Joyce


Dr. Mark

Consultant Veterinarian

Dr. Kevin

Consultant Veterinarian


Veterinary Nurse


Veterinary Nurse (+ Puppy Preschool Educator)


Veterinary Nurse


Veterinary Nurse


Veterinary Nurse


Veterinary Nurse


Veterinary Nurse


Trainee Veterinary Nurse


Animal Attendant





Environmentally  Friendly 

sugarloaf animal hospital

Energy Consumption

Practice Manager and owner Kate Simpson signed up Sugarloaf Animal Hospital to Energy Hunter in 2013, with a view to:

  • Gain a better understanding of energy consumption patterns to identify energy saving opportunities and reduce power usage.
  • Determine the merits of various energy efficiency programmes and incorporate the best ideas.
  • Working with the Energy Hunter team, Kate succeeded in reducing energy consumption through educating her team to create beneficial behavioural change.  Simple things like placing a sign next to the light switch that asks: “Do you need me on?” Ensuring high-energy equipment is turned off when not in use.

Our mission doesn’t end at providing the best possible veternary care…

The Sugarloaf Animal Hospital has been serving the people and animals of the Hunter region, and especially Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, for more than 20 years.
Sugarloaf also have deep and passionate convictions when it comes to our natural environment. That is why we have committed to decreasing our electricity consumption, installing solar hot water and photovoltaic cells, and engaging in environmentally-friendly waste management, including recycling.
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