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Surgery and Procedures

SAH offers multiple surgeries from more routine procedures through to covering a wide range of emergencies, injuries, and medical conditions. Our dedicated veterinarians, nurses and support staff are all trained and highly competent in companion animal (cat and dog) surgeries and anaesthesia. In addition, they have a wealth of experience in more unusual surgeries for exotic and avian species.

We are well equipped and trained in exotic species that include avian, reptiles, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, rats, mice, turtles and even frogs. We are always training in our effort to maintain the highest standard of patient care.

  • General: digital Radiographs, contrast studies, FAST ultrasound, in-house laboratory (blood testing machine, dedicated lab investigation area)
  • Specific exotics equipment: ventilators, oxygen chambers, medication and designated exotics wards, where our skilled and trained nurses perform specific nutritional and supportive care
  • Desexing of various species
  • Lump removals, palate and nares surgery, soft tissue surgeries, dental extractions to exploratory laparotomies.
  • Exotics:  surgical procedures from routine to emergency, reproductive suppression, beak/wing trims, microchipping, disease investigation, biopsies and invasive surgical procedures.
  • We regularly welcome Exotics patients from other clinics that may not have the capacity to treat our furry, scaly or feathered friends.
  • Lameness assessment and work up. We can even provide a physiotherapy-based recovery assessment and treatment plan
  • Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon


With surgery comes anaesthesia and understandably, many pet owners are concerned about veterinary procedures that require an anaesthetic on their pet. Getting as much information and preparation beforehand can assist this, which may include blood testing, stabilisation with fluid therapy or further ancillary testing.
At SAH we aim to reduce the risks of anaesthesia with careful patient preparations, planning, monitoring and a team fully trained in the event of an emergency. After an anaesthetic, your pet will be put in recovery, where it will be supervised by a designated surgical assist nurse in either the cat, dog or a specific exotics ward.
We view every pet as unique and not to be treated the same. SAH Anaesthesia protocols are customised to meet the needs of each individual animal, following careful pre-anaesthetic assessment.
We aim to ensure our patients feel comfortable by the time we discharge them to go home. If this is not possible, we may recommend discharge to an overnight emergency facility, who can continue the 24-hour care your pet requires. At discharge, your pet will have a plan for recovery, which will be discussed with you by one of our veterinarians or nurses.
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