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Tori Vesenjak



Tori Vesenjak

Role at SAH

Veterinary Nurse (+ Puppy Preschool Educator)


CERT IV Veterinary Nurse since 2016

How long have you worked at SAH?

Less than a year

What is the MOST enjoyable thing about your job?

I love working with all the different animals we see at SAH! Such a wide variety of species and personalities.


Do you have any pets?

Winston the Italian Greyhound, Aj the Rottweiler X, Penny the rescue Greyhound and JubJub the Central Bearded Dragon.

What 3 things would you take to a deserted island?

Winston, Aj, Penny 😅 I simply couldn’t leave them behind!

Where is your favourite local place to go for a break?

Why would I leave the house when I can stay home, cuddle the dogs and watch The Office and eat Ben and Jerrys icecream? Although, I do like to take the pack for walks around Nobby’s/ Horse Shoe Beach.

Sugarloaf animal hospital
Sugarloaf Vet

Where would you go for a good meal out locally?

My go-to date night, or meeting up with friends,  is Morpeth Wood Fired Pizzas and Indian Delicacies, so yummy!

If you could have any animal at all as a pet, what would you choose and why?

A chinchilla, because they’re heckin’ cute! Or a Macaw; but I do not have the time to give them the attention and enrichment they need, so I’ll settle for giving extra cuddles to the ones who come to SAH!

Sugarloaf Vet
Sugarloaf Vet

Tell us a little more about yourself?

I’ve worked as a Veterinary Nurse in an Ophthalmology Specialist and a Shelter Clinic, so I gained a keen interest in all things Eyes, Geriatrics, Neonates, and Behaviour! I have also started teaching Puppy Preschool at SAH.

Two truths and a lie!

Hover over the statement to find out if it’s true. Green is true and red is a lie. Did you get it right?

Sugarloaf Vet

My first pet was a cat called 'Dude'

Sugarloaf Vet

My dogs have 4 X the amount of followers on Instagram than I do

Sugarloaf Vet

My first crush was Dr Harry Cooper (Harry's Practice)

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