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Sugarloaf Animal Hospital knows that Surgery is one of the most dramatic and nerve-wracking healthcare interventions that can be required to solve a problem for your pet. So it is our mission to ensure that everything that possibly can be done IS DONE to ensure the best outcome for you pet.

If your beloved pet requires surgical intervention WE focus on information, education and communication to ensure you are involved in the process and have all the relevant information. We understand that we can not take the worry away, but by sharing quality information about your pet’s procedure we can minimise the amount of worry you experience.  We want you to be sure as to why your pet needs a procedure and notify you of any expected obstacles.


Dental Care is a particular passion for all special pets at Sugarloaf Animal Hospital

We pride ourselves on our efficient procedures and cleanings as well providing information and education on how you can keep your pets teeth clean.

We are also very keen to ensure our less familiar teeth (such as those in the mouths of rabbits, ferrets, or lizards) are equally well-looked-after, and our knowledge and experience in these circumstances ensures the best possible outcome for your pet’s chompers!


Puppy Preschool

The arrival of a new puppy brings huge amounts of fun and excitement, but it can also raise some daunting and very important questions! The answer to many of these questions are to be found in the Sugarloaf Animal Hospital’s PUPPY PRESCHOOL CLASSES.

  • PUPPY PRESCHOOL is a socialising class for you and your puppy.  You both will get together with other people and their puppies of the same age.  In this class you will share experiences, learn new things and of course get answers to all of those questions!
  • Our PUPPY PRESCHOOL at Sugarloaf Animal Hospital comprises FOUR 90 minutes classes over 4 weeks.  Classes are usually held on a suitable weekday evening between 7:00pm and 8:30pm.
  • “Tuition Fees” are $120.00 per puppy, and the best results from this type of socialisation occur in puppies between 8-16 weeks of age.
  • Our PUPPY PRESCHOOL leaders are Veterinary Nurses who have had many years of practical experience teaching puppies, and their owners, all of the important things for your long life together.
  • PUPPY PRESCHOOL is not an obedience class, but is designed to teach your new puppy correct and socially acceptable behaviour early.  It is so gratifying to see the relationship that develops between a well-behaved dog and their owner!!

Free Vaccines for Life!

A wonderful program, unique to Sugarloaf Animal Hospital that encourages vaccination AND regular health assessments of your pet, AS WELL AS saves you MONEY!

It is so simple!
There are just three simple steps:

  1. Subscribe to the program
  2. attend each health assessment (you are doing this already!)
  3. Get the vaccinations your pet requires at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

That is right – once on the Free Vaccines 4 Life Program your precious pet receives vaccines for FREE for the REST OF ITS LIFE!

There is a one-off subscription fee of $140.00 per pet.  As long as that pet continues to have their prescribed health examinations (which cost only the consultation fee) at the Sugarloaf Animal Hospital each year, their subscription will remain current.

If I purchase the program from you can I use it at any other veterinarian?

No, the Free Vaccines 4 Life program is exclusively offered at the Sugarloaf Animal Hospital.

If I have more then one animal do I get a discount on any other animals?

No, we do not offer any discounts to go along with this program: it is a one time fee per pet, per owner.

Can I transfer the policy to another pet?

No, the policy is for one pet.

If my pet dies or runs away, shortly after purchasing the policy can I get a refund?

No, we do not give refunds after purchase for any reason.

If I give away my pet will the new owner be able to use the policy?

No. If you give your pet away then the new owners will have to purchase their own policy.

What happens if I do not make it in to see the veterinarian before my year passes?

If you do not come in to see the veterinarian within the 1 month of your pet’s due date then your policy becomes void. You will have to purchase any vaccines from that point on, or, if the program is still being offered, you may re-enrol.

So that means your pet is due an examination once yearly and we will give a 30 day grace period before your subscription is void.

Pet Insurance

Freedom to choose...

When the time comes to make decisions about an animal’s health care none of us want to be constrained by financial concerns.  And the quality of health care, and what we can actually do for our companion animals has never been greater – we see that every day at the Sugarloaf Animal Hospital.

That is why we strongly recommend Pet Insurance to ALL our clients.

Choice in the medical matters is also now complemented by choice in the range of Pet Insurance policies, meaning that there is now likely to be a policy that suits everyone that shares their life with a dog or a cat!



The Sugarloaf Animal Hospital knows from bitter personal experience the pain of a lost pet.

And that same bitter experience teaches us that the BEST way to get a lost pet home is to ensure they have a registered microchip.

Microchipping became legal requirement for dogs and cats under the NSW Government Companion Animals Act in 1998 an we see more than 4 dogs each week returned home as a direct result of their microchip.

The implantation procedure at the Sugarloaf Animal Hospital is somewhat different.  The area of implantation is clipped of hair, and aseptically prepared to limit the chance of infection.  Finally the area is infiltrated with local anaesthetic (like a dentist) to limit pain from the insertion of the large needle that delivers the microchip.

Although not legally mandated, rabbits, birds, and other non-traditional pets also benefit from permanent identification with a microchip.

Exotic and Avian Pets

While we practice the highest standards of veterinary medicine and surgery for our dog and cat patients, we also have a passion for more unusual and exotic pets. The veterinarians and support staff at the Sugarloaf Animal Hospital not only have an obsessive interest in the veterinary care of animals such as rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, rats and mice, reptiles, and invertebrates, but are leaders and mentors in the veterinary community that cares for these species around Australia.

But in addition to this vast cache of interest and experience leading to wonderful human resources, the Sugarloaf Animal Hospital has invested in the specific medical support hardware such as specialised humidified, heated enclosures, an electrosurgical unit, specialised surgical instruments and resources, and small animal-specific ventilator.

The result is that the Sugarloaf Animal Hospital can provide you with THE best veterinary medicine and surgery possible for your avian, unusual and exotic pets.


Cat Friendly Clinic

“Cat Friendly Clinic” is a worldwide program of the International Society of Feline Medicine, the veterinary division of International Cat Care.

By satisfying a stringent series of requirements, the SUGARLOAF ANIMAL HOSPITAL has recently qualified for the highest possible accreditation as a practice that cares for the specific needs of cats!

At the SUGARLOAF ANIMAL HOSPITAL we recognise that as a result of their uniquely feline nature and needs, a visit to the veterinary hospital can be hugely stressful, both for the cat AND their carer!  As a result, the SUGARLOAF ANIMAL HOSPITAL has incorporated a series of protocols and resources to reduce things that may stress cats, and as a result, veterinary visits are more enjoyable for your cat (and you as well!).

So if you have a particularly sensitive kitty, and you are looking for a veterinary hospital to provide that little extra to keep your cat stress-free, call the SUGARLOAF ANIMAL HOSPITAL