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Jacinda is one of our trainee nurses and started working with us at Sugarloaf in 2021 as an animal attendant. Jacinda has always had a love for animals and holds a special appreciation for our small and scaley friends! As a young girl, she regularly begged her mum for a pet snake and would badger her auntie whenever they went over to hold the snakes at their property.
After completing her Certificate II in Animal Studies in 2017, Jacinda knew she wanted to be a vet nurse, but was faced with one problem – She’s allergic to cats! Disheartened, she moved on to complete her Certificate III in Captive Animals, picking up work experience at Hunter Wetlands and the Blackbutt Reserve. She made a lot of great friends in this field and fell in love with the birds and native animals Blackbutt has to offer- developing her love for reptiles and exotics even more.
Frustrated that the field of zoo work was not exactly what she was expecting, she decided maybe landscape work was what she wanted to do (hint: it wasn’t!) After a year of hard work, she thought: ‘That’s it! I’m going to complete my nursing qualification, just like I always wanted.’ Very soon after that she managed to score a job working with exotics here at Sugarloaf Animal Hospital. Jacinda loves her job and feels like she’s finally found her true purpose in life. She especially loves helping to hold and treat the wide range of reptiles we see here in the clinic.
When not working, Jacinda is at home walking her 1-year-old Kelpie X named Pip. They love going to the beach and traipsing through the bush together. She finally got herself a snake too- a Stimson’s Python named Simon. She loves the performing arts, especially dancing, and regularly takes lessons in Jazz and Tap.

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