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Joyce is originally from Hong Kong and came over to Australia to pursue her education. She studied at Cook University in Queensland and graduated with a Bachelor of veterinary Science in 2016.
Joyce started at Sugarloaf Animal Hospital in 2018 and quickly became the Queen of Reptiles and our resident snake charmer! Having said that, she loves the wide variety of animals that come through the doors at SAH and has a passion to improve an animal’s quality of life. Joyce also specialises in helping clients learn about the importance of husbandry of exotic pets and helps ensure they are safe, happy and healthy in their home environment.
Outside of work, Joyce has her pet cat Luna, who embarrasses everybody else’s pet because she is the only one that can do tricks on command! Joyce enjoys going hiking, or just for a walk along Warner’s Bay esplanade with a Chai latte and maybe grabbing some Fish & Chips!

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