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The Sugarloaf Animal Hospital knows the Surgery is one of the most dramatic and nerve-wracking healthcare interventions that can be required to solve a problem for your pet.  So it is our mission to ensure that everything that possibly can be done IS DONE to ensure the best possible outcome for you pet.

At the time the decision is made to pursue a surgical intervention the staff of the Sugarloaf Animal Hospital will focus on education, provision of information, and communication.  We understand that we can not take the worry away, but by sharing quality information about your pet’s procedure we can minimise the amount of worry you experience.  We want you to be sure of the reason your pet requires a procedure, as well as the potential for things to fail to go as expected.


At the surgery suite


We will perform a pre-anaesthetic examination and conduct pre-anaesthetic blood analysis.  We will then determine a final, individually-tailored anaesthetic, and multi-modal analgesic plan.  A veterinary nurse trained in anaesthesia will be with your pet, from pre-anaesthetic examination to the final stages of recovery, constantly monitoring vital parameters to ensure an ideal outcome.

From the best possible surgical equipment in a fully appointed surgical suite, with state-of-the-art electronic anaesthetic monitor, ventilator, radiosurgery, and forced-air surgical patient thermoregulation, to all the little details like appropriate specific suture materials, and gowns, masks and gloves to maintain sterility: NOTHING is left to chance.

And all the equipment in the world is no use without the training and experience the veterinarians at the Sugarloaf Animal Hospital have accrued.  We are particularly proud of the skills of Dr Jonathon Howard, who has recently completed a Surgical Internship at the North Shore Veterinary Specialist Centre, and has brought many of those recently acquired surgical skills to West Wallsend.  The combination of excellent facilities and equipment, and training and experience gives the veterinarians at the Sugarloaf Animal Hospital the confidence to recommend surgery when that is the best choice for your pet!



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