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Rabbits have been increasing the role they play as companion animals in our society, and many bunnies are now best considered house rabbitsBUT their husbandry, and veterinary care is COMPLETELY different to our more familiar companion species.

So your rabbit deserves a veterinary practice that has

particular training, equipment and experience with your long-eared friend!

There is also an abundance of inappropriate information that can be found on the internet which will jeopardise your rabbit’s health and longevity.  Knowledge and experience is of paramount importance.  All the interactions with our rabbits in a clinical setting at the SUGARLOAF ANIMAL HOSPITAL are predicated on the fact that rabbits are a prey species.  This fact alone makes the way we interact with bunnies different to most of our other patients!!


Young rabbit in Newcastle

There are few things as cute as a baby bunny!

Did you know that “rabbit muesli” from the supermarket or produce store is shortening your rabbit’s life?

Rabbits should NOT eat this food!

Rabbits should NOT eat this food!

We are very proud to stock and supply the outstanding range of nutritional products for small herbivores from Small Animal Nutrition,

the Australian home of Oxbow Animal Health and Baraka Station products.

Stockists for Newcastle and Lake Macquarie

Rabbit and guinea pig nutrition

Did you know that x-rays and special dental equipment are required to adequately treat one of the most common health issues in pet rabbits – dental malocclusion?

Rabbit dental radiographs in West Wallsend

Experience is required to read and interpret rabbit x-rays

Did you know that studies show ALL rabbit does that are not desexed will get uterine cancer by their 7th birthday?

This rabbit is a model and did NOT eat cake.

Archie is a rabbit model and model rabbit, and definitely did NOT eat cake.

Did you know that the unique SUGARLOAF ANIMAL HOSPITAL program of Free Vaccines 4 Life can be applied to calicivirus vaccines for rabbits (which are best administered every SIX MONTHS)?

the vaccine we use in rabbits in west wallsend

RCD vaccine

The team at the SUGARLOAF ANIMAL HOSPITAL have been advocates for the very best in companion rabbit care for more than 2 decades.  They have been veterinary industry leaders in raising the standard of care all pet rabbits can expect  –  which is just what their devoted carers want their veterinary health care team to do!

So if you have questions about the general care and well-being of your rabbit, or a specific health concern, please call 02 4955 1833 so that are trained and experienced team can organise an appointment for you asap!

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