Puppy Preschool

Telephone to enrol:  02 4955 1833

The arrival of a new puppy brings huge amounts of fun and excitement, but it can also raise some daunting and very important questions!

The answer to many of these questions are to be found in the Sugarloaf Animal Hospital’s PUPPY PRESCHOOL CLASSES!!


Remy, veterinary, Newcastle


PUPPY PRESCHOOL is a socialising class for you and your puppy.  You both will get together with other people and their puppies of the same age.  In this class you will share experiences, learn new things and of course get answers to all of those questions!

Our PUPPY PRESCHOOL at Sugarloaf Animal Hospital comprises FOUR 90 minutes classes over 4 weeks.  Classes are usually held on a suitable weekday evening between 7:00pm and 8:30pm.

“Tuition Fees” are $120.00 per puppy, and the best results from this type of socialisation occur in puppies between 8-16 weeks of age.

Our PUPPY PRESCHOOL leaders are Veterinary Nurses who have had many years of practical experience teaching puppies, and their owners, all of the important things for your long life together.

PUPPY PRESCHOOL is not an obedience class, but is designed to teach your new puppy correct and socially acceptable behaviour early.  It is so gratifying to see the relationship that develops between a well-behaved dog and their owner!!

Call the friendly and experienced staff at the Sugarloaf Animal Hospital to enrol:  02 4955 1833


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