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When the time comes to make decisions about an animal’s health care none of us want to be constrained by financial concerns.  And the quality of health care, and what we can actually do for our companion animals has never been greater – we see that every day at the Sugarloaf Animal Hospital.

That is why we strongly recommend Pet Insurance to ALL our clients.

Choice in the medical matters is also now complemented by choice in the range of Pet Insurance policies, meaning that there is now likely to be a policy that suits everyone that shares their life with a dog or a cat!



There is more than enough to worry about when one of the furred members of the family have a serious health concern.  It makes it that much easier to focus on the true issues when those issues concerning money are largely removed.


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Whether we discuss premiums, or research into which Pet Insurance is best for you, the same principle applies:  a little research or cost now will save a lot of worry or money later on!

There are now nearly 60 different Pet Insurance policies available in Australia – many are extensions on existing policies – and so you will have to do a little work to identify the policy that will work for you.  You definitely need to double-check the type of cover, annual limits on claims, co-payments or excess, any specific breed or location exclusions, and age limits or premiums.

In any case, a great place to start this research is the review of Pet Insurance undertaken by Choice and the associated consumer advice articles.

Or you can always call to talk with our trained and experienced staff at the Sugarloaf Animal Hospital on

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