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The Sugarloaf Animal Hospital knows from bitter personal experience the pain of a lost pet.

And that same bitter experience teaches us that the BEST way to get a lost pet home is to ensure they have a registered microchip.


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Microchipping became legal requirement for dogs and cats under the NSW Government Companion Animals Act in 1998.   At the Sugarloaf Animal Hospital in western Newcastle we see more than 4 dogs each week returned home as a direct result of their microchip.  Every once in a while we get an animal that has a microchip, but it is NOT registered or the chip has ceased functioning.  We can not get these poor pets home  🙁

The implantation procedure at the Sugarloaf Animal Hospital is somewhat different.  The area of implantation is clipped of hair, and aseptically prepared to limit the chance of infection.  Finally the area is infiltrated with local anaesthetic (like a dentist) to limit pain from the insertion of the large needle that delivers the microchip.

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The Federal Government’s Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts oversees the keeping of exotic bird species, and currently recommends that the preferred method of identification for these species is microchip implantation.  The Sugarloaf Animal Hospital provides all certification and administrative paperwork to satisfy the recommendations of the department.

Although not legally mandated, rabbits, birds, and other non-traditional pets also benefit from permanent identification with a microchip.  The implantation of microchips in these species can be much more complicated than our traditional species, often requiring general anaesthesia and very specific anatomic locations to be safe and optimal for identification.  Fortunately the veterinarians and staff of the Sugarloaf Animal Hospital are well-versed in the specific requirements of each species, and regularly perform implantations on species such as birds and reptiles.

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