In Memoriam Bianca

When asked to provide a bio for her entry on our webpage in 2011, Bianca wrote:

In 2001 I completed certificate 3 and 4 in Veterinary Nursing. From there I have worked in 2 separate clinics, one here in Newcastle and the other in Sydney, before joining the team at the Sugarloaf Animal Hospital. Both previous clinics were small animal surgeries, mainly handling in cats and dogs.

I took a break from Veterinary Nursing in 2008 to have my wonderful son, Carter and after spending a year and a half at home with him, I decided I wanted to get back into the field I so much enjoyed. In April 2010 I started here at Sugarloaf and it’s a fantastic clinic to work for and with.

Since starting here, I have found myself getting more and more used to dealing with and handling our “exotic” patients. Learning everyday about exotic species, I have become more aware, intrigued and informed about the different and exciting animals we see here at Sugarloaf.

Bianca Turnbull Blue-tongued Lizard

In March 2010 Bianca Turnbull responded to an advertisement for a Veterinary Reception/Nurse at the Sugarloaf Animal Hospital.   Shortly after Bianca started working as part of the Sugarloaf Team and it was very clear to us that we had someone very special working with us.

Bianca had worked for a number of years in Sydney as a Veterinary Nurse and Practice Manager.   It became apparent very quickly that Bianca was a highly organised person and she most enjoyed working within the reception area of Sugarloaf Animal Hospital.  Bianca’s calm and quiet nature was often recognised by our clients and they quickly warmed to her gentle and professional manner.

Sugarloaf staff are not just employees but a family and Bianca was often referred to as the “Mother Hen”.  She always put others first before herself.  Bianca’s ability to stay so immaculate even at the busiest times at Sugarloaf (when the rest of us looked like something that the cat dragged in), never ceased to amaze her colleagues.

Friday the 5th of August, 2011, like most days of tragedy, started like any other day.  But this day would forever change the lives of all the staff working at Sugarloaf Animal Hospital.  It was a typical Friday with lots of walk ins, and lots of emergencies.  We all banded together to help preform an emergency caesarean on a dog, and all staff were excited to see the arrival of new life.  Bianca helped keep reception under control, as it was all hands on deck in our surgical suite for the nurses.  Later that evening Bianca stayed back to help me feed the puppies, and I remember laughing with her because one of the puppies had spat milk over her, and I told her that I was going to take a photo of her as I had never seen her dirty.  We were having so much fun helping new lives start out on their journey.  Bianca helped me load all the puppies into my car and we spoke about our plan to tackle what was a busy day on the Saturday together.  We both got into our cars and we waved goodbye to each other, happy with the efforts of that day.  Little did I know that would be the last time I would see Bianca.

All the staff and clients at Sugarloaf Animal Hospital miss Bianca so deeply.  We were fortunate to have her in our lives even if that time was way shorter than it should have been.  Bianca was a beautiful, caring, trustworthy friend and colleague.  She was our fussy “mother hen”.  We miss Bianca every day and we still expect her to walk in and go about her business in her usual way.  Bianca, we love you and miss you so much  –  words cannot describe how much you meant to us.

Rest in Peace beautiful soul.  You will never be forgotten and you will always be in our hearts.

Bianca is survived by her husband Peter and her only son Carter.  Our thoughts are also with her family.

Karen Mathews

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