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Sugarloaf Animal Hospital at West Wallsend joined Energy Hunter in April 2013.  Kate Simpson, the practice manager and owner at Sugarloaf Animal Hospital, has a strong commitment to environmental sustainability and joined Energy Hunter to:

  • gain a better understanding of their electricity bill and energy consumption patterns
  • identify energy saving opportunities
  • determine what the costs and payback period would be for various energy efficiency projects.

Since joining the program and working with the Energy Hunter team, the main way that Kate was able to reduce their energy consumption was through behaviour change with her team.

This included placing signs next to all the light switches saying ‘Do you need me on?’ and turning off high energy-using equipment (such as x-ray machines), as well as lights and office equipment when not in use.

Sugarloaf Animal Hospital was surprised by the significant savings the business experienced as a result of this simple behaviour change campaign. In just six months they saw a considerable reduction in their energy usage and managed to reduce their electricity bill by 25%.  This meant that the practice was saving on average $2,000 per annum in energy costs.

Kate was also able to effectively utilise the online energy monitoring system provided to the practice by Energy Hunter to monitor her energy consumption on a daily basis.

Keeping track of their electricity use helped Kate to make additional savings by identifying and appropriately managing excessive out-of-hours electricity usage, which she would have been otherwise unaware.

The key reason for implementing energy efficiency practices in the veterinary surgery was caring for the natural environment. The added benefit of reducing their energy costs and saving money was that it enabled them to re-invest the money back into the business to further reduce their environmental footprint.

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“The biggest and simplest lesson I can share with other businesses who want to reduce their energy consumption is to turn anything that is not being used off.” Kate Simpson, Sugarloaf Animal Hospital

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