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Pets of a certain age…

We are lucky to see many older animals at the Sugarloaf Animal Hospital.  Many of them we have literally known since they were just babies, freshly arrived to their new home and family.  They may have even attended our famous Puppy Preschool!  But like all living things, Time catches up with our pet, and at […]

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Cats and the veterinary practice

We have four cats in our family.  They are all domestic short haired moggies, and their personalities are as complex and wonderful as the other members of our family!  So I feel a deep personal investment in advocating for the well-being of cats.  And there are trends identified in surveys here in Australia and also in America […]

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What do I feed my Eclectus Parrot?

    Even in the case of humans, dogs, and cats (species which have been extensively studied) absolute knowledge about all nutrient requirements are not even close to being known.  So how can we possibly know the dietary requirements of all the species of birds held in captivity?  We can not!!  We must base the […]

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